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The Jalan family is a well reputed, traditional family business group with various business interests in India and abroad since the 1930’s. The group was founded by Late Soorajmull Jalan. A self made man who built an empire of jute mills and tea estates with an initially borrowed capital of Rs. 10,000. Today his legacy lives on in the form of the not for profit “Seth Soorajmull Jalan Trust” which is dedicated to philanthropy. The charity work done by the trust has far reaching impact and is active in funding and running numerous temples, hospitals, dharamshalas and colleges.

The businesses have since been divided and sub-divided as the family grew. Our group headed by our chairman, Mr. Hemant K. Jalan has interests in tea, jute, floriculture and real estate. Today, our profit group has geographically diverse interests with units in Kolkata, Bangalore and Africa. Mr. Hemant Jalan is an active businessman in his own right and has expanded the business beyond the historical jute industry. As the sole scion of Late Mahabhir Prasad Jalan he has expanded the groups’ interests specifically in Africa. The group is currently expanding its tea & TMT bar interests in Africa. Our interests are both geographically diverse while maintaining specialization to our core strengths.

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