Zygo Flowers Ltd.

The company is a 100% export oriented floriculture unit located in Bangalore, India. The production facility (farm) is in Doddaballapur, a suburb of Bangalore - 40 minutes from the city and near the new international airport. The unit was set up in 1994 with technical collaboration with Flodac d.v., Netherlands. Flodacs d.v. is a world leader in floriculture and provided the initial know how.


The farm exclusively produces high quality, fresh cut roses for export. Roses are shipped daily by air to ensure that they reach the end consumer within 48 hours of harvesting. The unit has 5 Nos. poly-houses with a covered area of 3,600 square meters producing an average of 15,000 roses per day. A state of the art grading room and cold room keeps the flowers at an ideal temperature in the range of 4-8oC Degrees from harvesting till dispatch. Roses are graded by stem length and then inspected to ensure quality control before packing.

The company’s primary markets are New Zealand, Australia and Japan. In New Zealand the company sells it roses under the brand of Blue Water through its own distribution network.

In the recent past, we have been diversifying into other varieties of flowers including Bird of Paradise and Carnations. These varieties are for special clients and done on an order basis.

Further, we service orders from European markets and other clients on a time to time basis. We are especially busy during the high season right before Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day when the demand increases. We also do sourcing, quality control and logistics’ of other varieties of flowers from our partner farms. Thus, offering our clients an end to end solution for their flower needs.

The varieties presently grown are:

Variety Colour Stem Length (cms.)
First Red Red 40-70
Grand Gala Red 50-80
Noblesse Pink 40-60
Delilah Mauve 40-60
Sweetness Hot Pink 40-50
Shakira Dark Pink 40-50
Aqua Light Pink 40-60
Avalanche White 40-50
Emma Cream 40-60
Naranga Orange 40-60
Corvette Burnt Orange 40-70
Tropical Amazon Orange 40-50
Gold Strike Yellow 40-70
African Dawn Red + Pink 40-60
Royal Circus Red + Yellow 40-60
Azafran Cream 40-60
Bugati Dark Pink 40-60

For further information please contact us at - floriculture@hkjalan.com

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