Finance and Investments

The group has three divisions investing in three asset classes. The company accepts

Public Markets - Aquamarine LLP

Promoted and managed by the family it is a long only stock fund. It accepts and has investors from outside the family as well. It does not take forward and future market positions. Further, it has no direct exposure to commodity prices or FX risk. It is a long term stable portfolio selction fund focusing on return in the 3-7 year time horizon

Private market - Angel Investing entities

Promoted and managed by the family it is an early stage investment vehicle. It likes to be the first money in focusing on tech enabled start ups addressing non-tech areas with good cashflows. An example of a company which we have invested in and has raised Series B, is Loginext ( 50 Lacs to 5 Cr. investment range is our sweet spot with the group making a maximum of five investments a year. We also work very closely with our 5 investments and get involved in a strategic and occasionally operational capacity.

We typically co invest with a tight group of seasoned angel investors and have on the rare occasion made investments in deep tech/big data (outside core area of cash flow rich, non tech business). We also partner with India Angel Network ( and Lets Venture ( for deal flow. In addition, ou Director, Mr. Varun Jalan is a mentor to various early stage start ups and sits on the advisory board of a couple of funded start ups.

Real estate market - Land investment, Construction financing and Constructed area investments

Exploiting synergies from our real estate division we make selective investments in stressed assets and construction opportunities. These investments are opportunity driven and centered around Kolkata and Bangalore (our core focus areas).

We also act as a financier to some medium size real estate companies on a project by project basis. We ensure adequate collateral coverage and are very selective in who we work with normally rolling over investments with a few developers who have a long standing relationship with.

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